confettigroove - the musical world

here's all the music i've ever made! i'm honestly not too jazzed about this part of the site, especially since i made all of these years and years ago and am kinda embarassed by them at this point. you can listen to them, but this is more of an archive than a way for people to find and listen to my stuff. i'm much more interested in my work on games or photos in the future, so expect my creative output there.


oh man these sure are songs

my first EP! i made it in about 2019 on Music Maker Jam. i really don't have much to say about a lot of these, so expect somewhat minimal commentary on the albums from here. download here

Rad Racer

my second EP. i made it in July of 2019, i think also on Music Maker Jam? maybe i had moved to the free trial of actual Magix Music Maker. obviously named after the nes classic racer. download here

Simplistica's Finest

EP the third. i made it later in 2019. i for sure had moved to the free trial of actual Magix Music Maker, quite the upgrade! the album is themed after a Minecraft server i used to play on, with each track being named after a town. download here


i'm going to stop numbering these, because at this point they sort of blend together and i don't remember when anything came out. download here


the main thing with this one is that i had run out of ideas for titles so i just sorta leaned into that for titling the tracks here. download here

Travelling Circus

thank god I've run out of things to say at this point, because this is the last EP I have. download here


this is just a folder with songs in it that i either never finished the EP for, or just couldn't fit anywhere else. thanks for visiting the musical world. downloads here