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welcome to my website! you can call me confetti, but my name is lucie :) i like to take photos, program, make music (very infrequently, and not recently, but i used to), cook, & play games. on this page, i'll be posting blog updates, on games i'll host all the games i've made for download (and sometime i'm planning on making one that can be played online! maybe), on photos i'll post photos (obviously), and guests features a guestbook you can comment in.

10/28/23 - galaxy battle release!

i actually finished a project!!!! its a pretty simple but fast-paced space invaders clone that i made in the graphical style of the epoch cassette vision, and i did the sound in the chips of the master system for all the square wave and the nes for the noise channel (i couldnt get a good sounding explosion to work on the psg noise channel). anyway im very proud of it! lots of credit and thanks to my bf for helping me along the way in learning godot, since this is the first time ive worked in the engine (if you're reading this ily). pics and link in the games tab. im working on a pinball game now, since i just watched that 50 min technology connections vid on that pinball machine and i wanna learn physics. also ive been working on chiptune covers here and there and ill be posting those eventually. thats what ive been up to!

9/30/23 - pictures & game info

to start, i realized that i have literally no reason to just keep titling these "____ update" so im stopping that lol. anyway i added a bunch of new pics, a couple light painting ones, a sunset, and a couple mineral and rock samples from my geology lab. also, ive been working on a game in godot with the significant help of my bf and once i have that together into an actual complete thing that im satisfied with ill be adding that to games! (if i can figure out how the hell to have it playable on web, that would be godtier but alas that's hard i think) it's pretty much just a space invaders clone, but i wanna add various amenities from other shooters of the era that i like. so keep your eyes peeled for that one. cya!

9/22/23 - third update

hey! ive been busy with college and stuff but im working on my first project in godot!! which will be here soonish, and also im publicly coming out as trans on here too. so that's fun!

6/1/23 - second update

so it's been a while. hey! i got into college at SUNY new paltz (figure there's enough people that go there that this isn't doxxable info), and i'm going up there next month. otherwise, been doing ok. just added a bunch of old pics on here, gameboy pics i took off the camera with my interceptor, and old pics from when i went to a park in the rain one time. also, graduation cake, and some pics i took at a local fair. gotta start taking more pics/making more games honestly, but i'm not quite sure what to do. i'm probably gonna do more pics like that 80s grid one or workshop other ideas to take pics of my collection that dont look ass. cya!

4/28/23 - first update

i rewrote all the text on the website to have more voice and be less generic, and im considering using this style for bringing back the reviews tab. i also did some slight organization of the site on the backend too, which is nice. anyways, i'm doing pretty well otherwise, though i'm a bit stressed about my ap tests in a couple days. cya!


welcome to the grand redesign! i added a gallery section, refreshed the UI with a new font, and made the website work on mobile! wooooo everybody clap for me


here are some of my fav sites on neocities! and if you want, you can use my own button to link here (though god knows it needs to be updated with the redesign)

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