confettigames - the gamer's domain

here you'll find games that i made. i made these several years ago, but i've been meaning to get into developing on Godot lately, so i'll have that up here whenever i do that. also in the works for this page is an in browser game, but i don't know what i would do for that yet.

Lenny Lemonhead's Dice Game

A screenshot of Lenny Lemonhead's 21 Dice Game, a casino dice game, with a basic UI.

it's like weird dice blackjack. it's the one project from my computer programming class in high school i was any proud of, cause i thought it had some fun touches and details. you roll the dice, and hold which ones you want to keep for the rest of the game. you only have three rolls, and if you go don't get exactly 21 you lose. i should really consider coming back to this with how much fun i had playing blackjack on the casino cart for atari 2600, even though imo half of what makes that game good is how intuitive the paddle controller is for it. download here

Unending Journey

incredibly basic text based adventure that hits you with ascii art i thought was cool at every turn in combat. you can go left or right, occasionally fighting enemies, forever. i made it at a coding camp thing, and i worked on a sequel to it on and off for a couple years but eventually stopped, though i could totally pick that up again. the problem was that first, it stopped working halfway through development and i couldn't figure out why, so i decided to change it to be closer to text-based adventure games like zork. the problem then was that i felt like sticking to the text-based console stuff was kinda dry, and i would probably make a better game if i built it on Godot or something. i then proceeded to never learn how to use Godot, and so i haven't come back to this yet. download here